Advisory Board

        The BTW Society is indeed fortunate to have such knowledgeable people take an interest in us and in our efforts to inspire and improve young lives across America.
        From our early days, we have benefited from the invaluable advice and guidance of those below to reach more young Americans with the timeless advice, virtues and values as exemplified by Booker T. Washington.

Mr. Harry Alford
  President and CEO, The National Black Chamber of Commerce

Mr. David Almasi
  Director, National Center for Public Policy Research/Project 21

Ms. La Shawn Barber
  Columnist and Author

Mr. Richard B. Boddie
  Founder, The Motivators

Preston Dobbins
  Co-founder, Big Mouth Presentations, Phoenix, Arizona

Mrs. Rebecca Hagelin
  Columnist and Author: 30 Ways in 30 days to Save Your Family and
Home Invasion: Protecting Your Family in a Culture that's Gone Stark Raving Mad

Mr. Niger Innis
  Nat'l Spokesperson for CORE (Congress Of Racial Equality)

Dr. Thomas Lickona
  Founder/Director, Center for the 4th & 5th R's (Respect & Responsibility)

Dr. John McWhorter
  Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

Mr. Deroy Murdock
  Senior Fellow, Atlas Network-Economic Research Foundation

Mr. J. A. (Jay) Parker  (dec.)
  President and Founder, The Lincoln Institute for Research & Education

Ms. Star Parker
  Author and President, Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE)

Dr. William Schambra
  Senior Fellow, The Hudson Institute/Bradley Center

Mr. Lee Walker
  Sr. Fellow, Urban Policy New Coalition/Heartland Institute

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