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Our History

The improbable birth of the BTW Society

One night in 2005, as Ronald Court sat, browsing the 'Net on his computer, he came across - by chance or Providence - a discussion concerning the precise date of BTW's birth, which had been narrowed down to sometime in April, 1856. (Note: Birth records of slaves were not kept in those days.) When Ron realized that the next April, 2006, would be Booker T's 150th (a Sesquicentennial), he assumed there had to be a celebration somewhere.

Curious, he Googled to find it, but could find no mention anywhere.

Then, a few weeks later, he happened to drop by to visit a friend who taught at a nearby college (St. Michael's) and was invited to sit in on a speech being given down the hall. The visiting speaker, Mr. Reginald Jones, spoke about "Race, Capitalism and Entrepreneurship" in which he lauded the work of Booker T. Washington several times. Ron met Mr. Jones afterward and when informed that Booker T's 150th was coming up, agreed with Ron that Booker T.'s Sesquicentennial should not go unnoticed.

Thus was born the BTW Society: grounded in BTW's philosophy that all people can lead literate, considerate and productive lives if they choose to be of good character, get a good education and focus on good opportunities before them.

Through the inspiring example of Booker T. Washington's life and legacy - and of others - the Society empowers young Americans to live lives of good character.
It does this through local Booker T. Clubs for middle schoolers and BTWS student chapters for high schoolers.

Consider having a Booker T. Club or Chapter in your area.
We will partner with you to help the 'next generation' in your community.