photo: Booker T. orating

Selected Speeches by Dr. Washington

The Atlanta Cotton States Exposition Address Sep 1895

"One third of the population of the South is of the Negro race. No enterprise seeking the material, civil, or moral welfare of this Section...

On "Democracy and Education" Sep 1896

"...the wisest and most interested have not fully comprehended the task which American slavery has laid at the doors of the Republic."

Before The National Negro Business League (NNBL) - Boston (open address) 1900

"...This organization does not overlook the fact that mere material possessions are not, and should not be made, the chief end of life...

Before the NNBL - Boston   (closing remarks) 1900

"...There is no force on earth that can keep back a people continually getting education, light, intelligence, property and Christian character.

Before the NNBL - Atlanta 1906

"...It is the policy of this organization to hold up before the race its advantages, rather than its disadvantages, its successes, rather its failures...

Before The Afro-American Council Oct 1906

The Tuskegee Student - "...The indiscriminate condemnation of all white people on the part of any member of our race is a suicidal and dangerous policy. We must learn to discriminate.

Before The Int'l. Conference on the Negro - Tuskegee Apr 1912

"...From year to year we have from 100 to 150 students representing foreign countries and we are anxious that these students be fitted to go back to their homes and render the highest and best service.

Before the NNBL - Chicago 1912

If we do not do our duty now in laying proper foundation for economic and commercial growth, our children, and our children's children will suffer...

Before the NNBL - Philadelphia 1913

"Too many of our well-educated young men and women are content to be merely salary drawers or wage earners, depending on someone else to think and plan for them.

Before The National Negro Baptist Convention 1913 - Nashville

"... More and more in an increasing measure, the Christian Church has got to face the social problems of the day. The church in an increasing degree must realize that the problem today is to save the soul of the man by saving the body.

Before the NNBL - Muskogee OK 1914

"...Explaining is easy. Construction is difficult. Explaining why we have not built up a business is easier than constructing a business.

Before the NNBL - Boston      (his last speech) 1915

"...Everywhere we should be proud of the Negro race and loyal to the great human family of whatever color.