booker t. washington portrait

Booker T. Washington: Honors and Tributes

Jun 1896
Honorary Degree, Harvard College
1st "Master of Arts" by any leading American University to honor a Black American
Sep 1901
Honorary Doctorate, Dartmouth College
Doctor of Laws (L.L.D.): “leader of a race out of childhood into manhood.”
Nov 15 1915
Nov 1915
From Madame C. J. Walker to M.M. Washington Garrison, MT
“…the greatest man America ever knew…”
Nov 1915
Funeral of Booker T. Washington
As told by Isaac Fisher
Dec 1915
Tribute from Grenada, British West Indies
(reputedly read at BTW’s funeral) …“He came nearer to that principle—‘Love thine enemies’—than any man I have ever known.”
Aug 1916
Tribute from former President Roosevelt
“…Booker T. Washington was a great American…one of the most distinguished of American citizens of any race in the world…”
Monument: "Lifting the Veil of Ignorance" by Sculptor Charles Keck
Famous Statue depicting Booker T. Washington …“He lifted the Veil Of Ignorance from his people and pointed the way to progress through education and industry.”
Tribute from Adam Clayton Powell, Sr.
“…the greatest Negro ever produced in America.”
The 1940 Booker T. Washington Famous American Educator Stamp
The best selling 10¢ stamp of the USPS’s Famous American Series.
The Ballad of Booker T. by Langston Hughes
A Tribute to Booker T. by the Harlem Renaissance Poet
The S.S. Booker T. Washington
A World War II US Merchant Marine Liberty Ship to honor Booker T.
The Hall of Fame for Great Americans
Established by New York University in 1901. Designed and limited to 103 famous Americans. Booker T. was the 73rd inductee.
The Booker T. Washington Commemorative Half Dollar
A genuine U.S. coin authorized by Congress and minted from 1946 to 1951.
The Alabama Hall of Fame
Inducted in 1955.
The 1956 Booker T. Washington Centennial Birthday Stamp
Depicting the log cabin in which he was born in Franklin County, Virginia.