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Reference & Commentary:

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A Triumph of Justice that Changed History

An account for MLK Jr. Day

Choate and Twain Plead For Tuskegee

The New York Times, January 23, 1906

BTW's Famous Quotes

Revealing the mind of a man of deep wisdom and extraordinary common sense.

Problem of Negro Leadership

- Yale-New Haven Teachers' Institute (Robert A. Gibson) A 2-week HS history unit guide. Outline of Booker T. Washington's & WEB Dubois' views. (seeking permission)

Holiday Zone

- Information on Booker T's childhood

Spartacus Educational Website

- Booker Taliaferro Washington.

Thomson*Gale Publishing

- Almanac information

U of Alabama: Publishers' Bindings Online (PBO)

- (recommended)

U of Illinois: The Booker T. Washington Papers

- (recommended) Original-source papers.

U of North Carolina: Documenting the American South

- (recommended) Original-source papers.


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