The Booker T. Club's Navigator's LogBook

(a'sneak peek' at the first of four "playbooks" for Booker T. Clubbers.)
(Actual logbook size: 8.5" x 5.5")

Congrats, "Prepare to board"

First, there's learning - then doing. A willingness to learn comes first.

(top)  Getting ready for a successful life requires preparation and a moral compass:

Using fun to deliver a message. Can you guess them?*

*Be nice to your neighbor. Love your country. Keep your eye on the ball.
(top)  Certificates and congrats for jobs well done are strong motivators.

Successful people choose to be personally responsible for their own Character, Education and Opportunity.

It's a big world. You can be a part of it, no matter who you are.
(implicit point: Character matters way more than race or gender.)

(top)  Students absorb positive principles from role models throughout history and around the world.

Common sense . . . .presented in a way for kids to grasp.
(above)BT Clubbers get to "Approach the Coach" to recite quotes from memory.
Coaches 'sign off' to applaud real accomplishment and provide a record to proudly show family.)
(top)  Next. . . focus on Education

Booker T. called it 'correlation.' What you learn in the classroom . . .

. . . you apply on the job . . .and to your own life.

Connecting dots: Learning to live by learning how successful others have lived.
Our nation's story belongs to all of us.

Promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
This is the practical education Booker T. would promote today.

A gentle emphasis on the importance of personal responsibility. . .

. . .with practical tools for students to evaluate their own progress. . .

. . . And ways to apply their newfound awareness.

It's never too early to learn how to present and be presentable.
(top)  Solid advice from one of the most admired by young people everywhere.
His Nickelodeon speech on "The Keys to life": Running & Reading:
Congratulations! On to the next challenge . . .

Booker T. Clubbers advance via themed occupations with progressively more responsibilities.

(top(End of sneak peek)